4 Fashion Tips for Your Freshman Year of College

You’re going away to Maryville University soon and you’re likely wondering whether you should switch up your wardrobe now or later. The way you dressed as a high schooler may not necessarily be the way you want to continue on in college. Becoming a college freshman is a big change, so it makes sense to revamp your wardrobe.

College is very similar to high school, in the sense that social status is pretty prevalent. The way you dress will determine how you’re perceived by others. This is why it’s essential for you to enter into Cornell University with the right getup. If you’re looking into how you can improve your style in college, then continue reading.

Avoid Wearing Nice Shoes to Frat Parties

You want to look amazing at the frat party you were invited to, so you throw on your little black dress and some gorgeous heels. The problem with this is that these parties tend to get pretty crazy, which could lead to you ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes. Instead of wearing your nice shoes, you should instead go with some flats. These are chic and will look just as good with your little black dress!

Save Money by Shopping Online

You’ll learn pretty quickly how expensive fashion can be, especially when you’re looking to do a overhaul. Whether you’re looking for a couple of outfits or a complete new wardrobe, the Internet can be a great place to shop around for all types of outfits. There are plenty of sites you can shop at for deals, including Forever21, Amazon and J. Crew, to name a few. Shopping from your dorm is also way more convenient – there’s no street traffic or crowds to worry about.

Have Go-to Lazy Day Outfits

Yes, you’re going to have times when you’re not going to feel up to getting gussied up, so you’re going to need some outfits that are easy to throw on in a jiffy. These lazy day outfits will come in handy when you’re in a rush to meet with someone or when you’re just not in the mood. Some clothing items you want to consider having on hand include maxi dresses, leggings and dress shirts. There’s no reason why your lazy days can’t be cute days!

Stock Up on Accessories

Even your cutest outfits will eventually become bland, especially after you’ve worn and washed it quite a few times. Rather than throwing them out and shopping for new outfits, you can save money by sprucing them up using accessories. A cute belt, can really bring out the best in an outfit. You can even wear a belt with an outfit that doesn’t have belt loops. Get creative with how you use your accessories. For instance, you can buy a scarf which ca be worn on your head, neck or as a cute belt. There are plenty of other accessories you can look for as well, including jewelry, hats, sunglasses and vests.

These are just some of the ways you can prepare your wardrobe for freshmen year. Keep them in mind because these could potentially save your wardrobe from scrutiny.

How to Land Your First Job in Fashion After College

Life after college can be a daunting prospect, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what you are going to do. Even if you have a solid degree, like a fashion degree, it can still be hard. The fashion world is very competitive and exclusive. In some cases, it can be very elitist. If you want to get a fashion job after college, most would say good luck. And when you can’t hack it, they will say good riddance. But if you don’t try, you won’t ever know. If you have some amazing ideas for fashion, you may become very successful with your own brand or label. However, you want to start gaining experience first, which will come with your first job. You can think of the first year of your first job as the fifth year of college. Here is how to land your first job in fashion after college.

Ask Your Professors for Letters of Recommendation

One great way to show your value is to have a letter of recommendation from your professor. If you have built some relationships with your professors, you can easily connect with them to see if they will sing your praises in written form. In some cases, your professors may recommend you to an employer right after you graduate.

Make Sure that Your Resume is Updated

When you graduate, you want to start touching up your resume. The last thing you want is to let your resume stay the way it was when you entered college, because there is a good chance that you have gained invaluable experience during your four years. For instance, you can add your degree to your resume and you can add any internships that you may have completed.

Build Up Your Portfolio

When you are in college, you will usually start building your portfolio, which will include sketches, designs and any completed graduate collections. This will help relay to an employer that you have talent. If your portfolio isn’t up to snuff, you may want to add to it by completing some collections or adding some tear sheets. In the fashion world, it isn’t so much about your CV as it is about your portfolio.

Become More Multifaceted

Being multifaceted simply means having more tools in the shed. For instance, if you have your degree in fashion, you may also want to get another degree so that you can fill another role. In some cases, you may want to go for the other role in the first place. For instance, if you want to become an accountant in the fashion industry, you may want to get NEC’s masters of forensic accounting. If you want to enter the business side of things, you may want to attend Pepperdine University and get your MBA.

Perfect the Art of the Interview

On top of everything, you want to make sure that you have the interview process down. Indeed, you want to get enough sleep the night before and you want to be totally ready to answer any question that an employer might have. In the end, you want to look optimistic, knowledgeable and ready to get to work.